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Recently, SYSPRO has been recognized for the most successfully implemented enterprise business solutions. Being Microsoft Centric and with the expansion of the .Net Technology, XML data interchange, and Advanced Supply Chain, SYSPRO allows you full process capability in complex multi-site/company situations, also facilitating seamless collaboration of your partners. With SYSPRO, you can securely share information with customers and suppliers, through a flexible technology friendly suite of functionality.

SYSPRO highlights:

  • Proven in-depth manufacturing, distribution and financial functionality
  • Multi-site, Multi-company, Multi-country, Multi-language support
  • Localized accounting and financials practices
  • Mixed mode manufacturing / distribution support
  • Process manufacturing environments
  • Make-to-stock, make-to-order, configure-to-order and engineer-to-order environments
  • Customizable business solutions based on the latest Microsoft .Net Technologies
  • Focus technology choices - Microsoft 2003 Server, SQL Server 2000, .Net Framework, and Fully supporting XML data exchange

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