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Support: ERP Implementations

Speedup Your Implementation ROI!

Everywhere in the world - from Hong Kong to Paris and Chicago - project teams and affiliates will apply the new STARS  standardized implementation methodology. Multi-site and multinational companies will find their implementation process easier to keep on track and on budget. And, yes, single-site enterprises will also welcome the simpler and faster implementation provided by STARS Standard Methodology.

An extensive STARS tool set provides the management controls and measurements for a well-organized implementation process. Key to the successful process, the team is able to identify and understand the relationships and associated gaps within the enterprise's business practices and existing IT systems. STARS then provides added tools to install SYSPRO, creating a synchronous information environment that recognizes other complementary software involved in the implementation. Accordingly, the interdependent relationships of process, people, organization and technology are identified to profile, launch and execute the installation.

Whether the project involves a single, multi-site or multinational site, STARS uniquely applies common tools in uncommon ways to help customers quickly achieve their intended ERP system implementation goals.

Configure, Discover, and Implement

During the Configure stage, we will focus our attention on learning and modeling the company's existing organization, processes, technology, structure, and strategies. We will begin to better understand where and how certain relationships exist, and why they are critical to the success of the project.

During the Discovery stage, we'll begin to identify the gaps within your system(s). Even if the performance of the individual sub-systems is optimized, the overall performance of the total system may be sub-optimized because of the relationships that exist between them. Therefore, during the Discovery stage, an alignment takes place where we identify new technologies, processes, organization, structures, and strategies needed to achieve synchronous flow between the subsystems You will begin to prioritize these steps and establish a chronological ladder that leads to your goal.

During the Implementation stage, steps that you identified during the Discovery stage are put into effect. This phase ensures the easiest, most efficient transformation possible with the least amount of risk. The goal is to implement change quickly in order to maximize your company's ability to make more money.

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