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Support: Business Audit

Every business has the opportunity to improve its efficiency by improving its business process. We help companies by conducting a business audit to identify problem areas and provide ways to resolve them. In approximately 2-3 days, our audit enables us to act as an independent "third eye" as we conduct plant tours and interview your key functional heads. If your company uses an ERP package, we also perform an information flow audit. Our expert consultants will identify the root of your problem areas and will report our recommendations to the top management.

Business Audit Duration: 2-3 days


Areas where we could help

Internal Processes

Today when ERP is described as the backbone for new eBusiness technology, APS and CRM, it becomes more important that we develop complete trust in our existing business system. Ask yourselves if your using ERP to its fullest or not. If the answer is "yes" then we are all set to take on the e-business challenge. Otherwise now is the time to consider thinking about re-implementing ERP.

This is the right time to create the foundation on which you can build your huge e-business strategy. Following the basic lesson of Industrial Engineering 101-Simplify before automate companies should simplify their complex procedure flow and day-to-day business flow.

We can improve the efficiency of your system by identifying the key problem areas and finding solutions for them.

If you would like further information on any of the following areas, please give us a call.

  • Reducing Part Numbers
  • Improving Inventory Accuracy
  • Automate Planning Process
  • Setting up Accurate Lead-time Information & Modular BOM
  • Improving Costing Data
  • Better Shop Floor Control
  • Distribution Planning and Management
  • Use of Simulation Capabilities
  • Finite Capacity Planning
  • Setting up of Price Books
  • Identifying Intelligent Stocking Level
  • EDI interface Multi currency Support
  • Credit Card Interface with Customer Order Management
  • Efficient Picking/ Packing/ Shipping
  • G/L Interfaces
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